International Space Station


An astronaut friend forwarded these photos to Darren Wells,
taken from the Space Shuttle Discovery August 7, 2005.
Here's what he had to say about them:

Thought you might enjoy these pics of ISS taken by the Discovery crew during flyaround. After the orbiter undocks from the space station and gets a little distance, the pilot (not the commander) does either a partial or complete flyaround of the space station (depending on how much extra gas they have) before doing a separation burn to get into a different orbit. The pictures are always wonderful - it is especially nice to see some new ones after too many years!

This note from Stan Tyler who forwarded the pictures to us: Fun photo's sent to our son Darran who has trained the crew in leadership skills in his role at National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming. Now that's an email from some distance! Discovery had not yet landed when these pictures circulated to us. So the pictures preceded the photographer.


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